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Required Documents for PASARA License: 

To obtain a PSARA license, operators must comply with certain requirements and regulations set by the PCG. These include:

1. Proof of boat or yacht ownership or lease agreement.

2. Registration of the vessel with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

3. Compliance with safety standards and regulations, such as the presence of life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment on board.

4. Submission of a safety management plan, including emergency procedures and evacuation plans.

5. Certification of boat crew and staff in first aid and basic sea survival skills.

6. Insurance coverage for passengers and the vessel itself.


Additional Details

The PSARA (Prevention of Accidents at Sea and Air Rescue Act) license is a document issued by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). This license is required for all boat and yacht operators conducting tours and excursions in the Philippines.

Once operators have fulfilled these requirements, they can submit the necessary documents and pay the required fees to the PCG. The PCG will then conduct an inspection of the vessel to ensure compliance with safety standards. If everything is in order, the PSARA license will be issued.

It is important for boat and yacht operators to possess a PSARA license, as operating without one can result in penalties, fines, or the suspension of operations. Additionally, the PSARA license assures passengers that the operator complies with safety regulations and provides a safe and secure sea travel experience.